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Does your body absorb what you consume?

Your body matter to you. But there's a problem. Your body may not be absorbing all the nutrients in the food and supplements you consume. So what's missing?
Nitric Oxide is the single molecule that supports healthy blood flow. Among many benefits, this helps your body absorb more nutrients. This is called the NITRO EFFECT. And it means more energy for you and fewer nutrients wasted.
There've been over 100 thousand studies on Nitric Oxide. Not to mention the Nobel Prize. And Nitric Oxide does help people see the results from their nutritions where they hadn't seen results before.
Kyani nature base nitric products keep your body what it needs to produce Nitric Oxide. Give more from the nutrition. Experience the POWER of NITRO NUTRITION.
你的身体对你很重要。 但是有一个问题。 您的身体可能无法吸收您食用的食物和补充剂中的所有营养素。 那么缺少什么?
一氧化氮是支持健康血液流动的单一分子。 在众多好处中,这有助于您的身体吸收更多营养。 这称为硝基效应。 这意味着更多的能量和更少的营养浪费。
已经有超过 10 万项关于一氧化氮的研究。 更不用说诺贝尔奖了。 一氧化氮确实帮助人们从他们的营养中看到他们以前没有看到的结果。
Kyani 天然基础硝酸产品可让您的身体保持生产一氧化氮所需的物质。 从营养中给予更多。 体验 NITRO NUTRITION 的力量。