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Kardli iLiFE Drinking Water Guard

Health Experts of the World Health Organization believe that the characteristics of healthy and good water that meet the needs of the human body are: clean and harmless, mineral-containing, weakly alkaline, negative ions, and trace elements. The small molecule function activated water purifier scientifically combines American high-tech water purification materials with various natural ore filters to simulate natural water purification methods and efficiently purify tap water into healthy and good water. Kardli iLiFE Drinking Water Guard is made with that in mind.


七 大 功 能
Seven Functions

一、 净化、除余氯
1. Purify and Remove Residual Chlorine
高效除氯 (达90%以上),防止致癌物“三氯甲烷”的产生。Efficiently remove chlorine (above 90%), prevent the occurrence of carcinogenic "Trichloromethane"
二、 有效除铅及重金属
2. Efficiently Remove Lead and Heavy Metals
AST 材料的过滤介质可去除因铅及重金属对人体的伤害。Filtering medium of AST material can greatly wipe away the harm for human beings caused by decomposition of lead and heavy metals.
三、 弱碱性水
3. Weak Alkaline Water
对血脂、甘油具有良好的溶解性,有效防止和减轻便秘症状。Has exellent solubility for blood lipid and glycerin, can effectively prevent and relieve constipation symptom.
四、 矿化、提锌功能
4. Mineralization and Zinc - extraction functions
能促进各种激素的合成,调节免疫功能;让孩子远离感冒,远离铅毒;有效提锌。Promote composition of various hormones, adjust immunologic function, keep kids away from cold, prevent kids from lead poisoning and boost zinc - extraction efficiency.
五、 富氧、小分子团水
5. Oxygen-rich, Small Molecule Water
小分子水货化性很强,具有强渗透力、促进新陈代谢和排毒能力。Small molecule water has strong activity and penetration ability, cab promote metabolism and detoxification function.
六、 去污、除臭
6. Decontamination and Deodorization
有效去污农药残留毒,具有自净、除臭和去污功能。Can efficiently remove pesticide residues and has self-purification, deodorization and decontamination functions.
七、 负电位
7. Negative (Electric) Potential
提高抗氧化还原能力;促进新陈代谢,增强人体免疫力;净化血液。Strengthen antioxidant capacity, promote metabolism, improve immunity and purity.