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Added Sugars in Diet Contribute 16% of the Total Calories Consumed

Did you know that the intake of added sugars in the American diet has been shown to contribute an average of 16% of the total calories consumed and has been linked to weight gain?
To keep our products healthy and beneficial for your body, we use natural sweeteners such as Stevia Leaf Extract, which is 200-300 times sweeter than refined sugar, to provide added taste without adding inches to your waistline.
Though bushy and shrub-like, over 150 species of Stevia native to North and South America come from the family line of the Sunflower. This varietal plant contains natural sweeteners, which are extracted from the leaves and used in many different forms and products to provide a healthier option to refined sugar.
Stevia also contains plant sterols and antioxidants that may help support the body’s natural inflammatory response. We use Stevia Leaf Extract in 5 of our products (HL5 – Berry Lemonade, Fit20, Sunrise, ON, and Nitro Xtreme).
Added Sugars in Diet | Carredex Kyani
您是否知道美国饮食中添加糖的摄入量已被证明平均占消耗的总卡路里的 16%,并且与体重增加有关?
为了让我们的产品保持健康并有益于您的身体,我们使用天然甜味剂,如甜菊叶提取物,其甜度是精制糖的 200-300 倍,在不增加腰围的情况下提供额外的味道。
虽然浓密和灌木状,但有 150 多种原产于北美和南美的甜菊糖来自向日葵家族。这种品种的植物含有天然甜味剂,这些甜味剂是从叶子中提取的,并以许多不同的形式和产品使用,为精制糖提供更健康的选择。
甜菊糖还含有植物甾醇和抗氧化剂,可能有助于支持身体的自然炎症反应。 我们在 5 种产品(HL5 – 浆果柠檬水、Fit20、Sunrise、ON 和 Nitro Xtreme)中使用了甜菊叶提取物。