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Kyani - Certified Excellence

In the ongoing quest to offer the highest quality products, Kyäni has sought certification from a variety of third-party authorities to ensure the quality, purity, and potency of our products. Here are a few of the certifications we have received.
Gluten Free: Kyäni products are certified as gluten free.
Good Manufacturing Practice certified: This certifies that the facilities used to manufacture our products are well maintained to keep the final product from becoming adulterated during manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding. The temperature and humidity are appropriately monitored to ensure quality.
Safe Quality Food certified: The Safe Quality Food Institute takes it one step further, certifying that our supplements have been produced, processed, prepared, and handled according to the highest possible standards at all levels of the supply chain.
HACCP and HARPC: The HACCP process further certifies that Kyäni products have undergone strict analysis to ensure safety. HARPC ensures a lack of and hazards in supplements due to the specific ingredients.
Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award: The Independent International Quality Institute recognized Sunset specifically with their award for the highest level of quality.
RSPO Sustainability certified: This certifies that the palm oil for Sunset is sourced from sustainable sources.
International Fish Oil Standards certified: Certifying Kyäni for the fish oil used in Sunset, IFOS certification is the most stringent quality measure in the industry, surpassing the quality standards of other organizations including the World Health Organization. It ensures that the fish oil is free of radiation and heavy metals.
Center for Preventive Doping Research certified: For our athlete consumers, Kyäni products have been tested and conform to recognized standards of safety for athletes of all levels.
Sunset is produced in an FDA Pharmaceutical Approved Facility.
We continue to exercise our commitment to quality at Kyäni, and these third-party certifications mean you can rest easy knowing that when you consume our nutritional products, you are getting the best supplements in the industry.